Hot Mom Pushchair UK – Review and Buying Guide 2021

Hot Mom Pushchair UK ReviewA member is being added to your family. The moment you hear this you start planning for the days ahead. Your baby’s comfort is your topmost priority in all the planning that you do. In today’s busy schedule you want to spend the maximum time with your baby whether going shopping or doing your daily chores. But holding the baby in your lap is not always convenient or practical. Thus the thought of a pushchair comes into your mind.

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A lot of thought has to be given on how to move around with your baby without having to compromise the little one’s comfort. So what better way than with a pushchair? These days manufacturers all around the world are taking utmost care to give the most comfortable, safe and practical product as per the customer’s requirements. For pushchairs, Hot Mom has taken into consideration both parent’s as well as a child’s comforts to come up with the best possible product in the market.  
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Key Features of Hot Mom Pushchair UK

The Hot Mom Pushchair UK, 3 in 1 Baby Stroller Travel system with Bassinet is perfect for your baby and has the following features:- hot-mom-pushchair-features

  • The stroller’s egg-shaped seat and the telegraphic pole can be modified as per baby’s comfort. The seat gives the baby an 87cm high view from the ground and keeps it away from the fumes of the car’s exhaust, all they while giving it a good vision.
  • The perfectly designed egg-shaped seat is completely covered with 100% PU leather and provides a luxurious appearance. It has a 360-degree Baby Safety Somatology Design makes it suitable for babies as well as parents.
  • The stroller is fully safe for the baby. It has four-wheel multiple suspension, lockable rear wheel, anti-shock for front wheels and seat and easy touch foot brakes.
  • The baby can comfortably lie or sit in any position. However, the suggested position of the egg-shaped seat is 175 degrees for outside, 135 degrees for resting and 95 degrees for sleeping
  • The dimensions of the stroller are 94 cm x 64 cm x 116 cm while it weighs 18.5 kgs.

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The Hot Mom Pushchair, 3 in 1 Baby Stroller Travel System with Bassinet is an ideal buy for your baby that has some really nice features.

Ultra Safe

This pushchair has a five-point safety harness making it perfectly secure for your dear one. The four wheels have multiple suspensions and anti-shock for the front wheels and seat to provide extra protection for your baby. The wheels are changeable and easily manoeuvred. It has a rear wheel lock facility with touch foot brakes. This pushchair also comes with an air pump.

Adjustable Egg-Shaped Seat

The egg-shaped seat and bassinet are made in 100% PU material which is sturdy and easy to maintain. It has a luxurious appearance and is wide and spacious, and 360o is suitable for Baby Safety Somatology Design. The seat is extremely comfortable with its soft padding providing the baby with the cosiness of a mother’s lap. The seat is multi-angle adjustable and provides a proper balance for the baby. The safety belt also is tight enough to hold the baby firmly in the seat. It is an independent sleeping seat and the baby can enjoy any activity or just rest without any discomfort. Also, the seat is designed in such a way that its height keeps the baby away from any ill-health caused due to fumes from a car’s exhaust or from dust, dirt and heat. The child’s vision is extensive due to the seat’s height and angle and can explore the world from the pushchair or maintain eye contact with its parent if the seat is reversed.

Waterproof Canopy

The canopy of the pushchair is trendy and waterproof with a beautiful design and foldable. The canopy can be pulled forward and extended above your baby to protect it from wind, sun and rain. The canopy also has a viewing window through which you can keep an eye on your child constantly. The hood has a ventilation net for very hot days and an extendible foot muff to envelope the child’s feet on extremely cold days made from waterproof material taking complete care of the baby in all weather conditions.

Sturdy Frame

The triangular frame of the stroller is made from the famous EVA Elastomer Material and can hold up to 80 kgs. The design is a compatible one and can be a bassinet for newborn babies up to nine months and then a stroller where the baby can spend a lot of time comfortably while parents run about attending to their chores. The hood is provided with a loop from which you can hang your baby’s favourite toy and the drink’s holder can hold your baby’s bottle or cup. The basket under the seat is spacious and can be used to store your baby’s equipment or your shopping bags as per the need of the moment. The design of the pushchair is such that it can be easily folded and kept. The canopy is removable and can be folded and kept too, occupying less space. The handle is also easily adjustable. It also has a productive bumper bar wrapped in leather. The stroller cushions are available in four colours and you can pick your choice from red, blue, black or pink.  

What We ❤️
  • The design of the egg-shaped seat makes it extremely comfortable for the baby. It has a mosquito net as well as a rain cover along with a summer sleeping mat that takes care of the baby in all kinds of weather conditions. The push handle can be adjusted according to your height. The stroller comes with a cup holder and a loop to hang your baby’s favourite toys. The customer service provided by the company is very good.
What We 💔
  • This model takes some time to assemble. Its weight and dimensions make it bulky and it is also difficult to store in the boot of some cars.

About Hot Mom

Hot Mom is a well known and popular European brand, famous for the manufacture of strollers. Although Hot Mom is a relatively new name in the market, a toddler itself, as it has been around for just 10 years. Nonetheless, it prides itself in taking care of the needs of the family and safety of the baby into consideration in the manufacturing of strollers. hot mom pushchair ukThe company has done a lot of research to take out the perfect pushchair keeping in mind the infant’s comfort so as to fully satisfy the parents. Having more than 10 different designs, it caters to families with different requirements. The company makes trendy, stylish, in vogue designs of strollers, keeping the security of the baby a priority and at the same time making it stylish and luxurious. Hot Mom is a company that takes special care to develop the perfect product with the safest material to make babies comfortable and parents satisfied and happy. The company has won the German Cologne Design Award in 2012. Also Check: Silver cross zest pushchair review (The most selling pushchair in recent times)

Bottom Line:

This, 3 in 1 Baby Stroller Travel System with Bassinet is the ultimate luxury pushchair for those parents who are fashion conscious and want to travel in style. The design is eye-catching and has a flexibility that makes it an ideal choice for you as a working mom. It is a sturdy and secure stroller making your baby as comfortable and snug as it would be in your lap. It is long-lasting and durable suitable for your baby till it is outgrowing it. This pushchair, 3 in 1 Baby Stroller Travel System with Bassinet is also rated as one of the best. Hope your family enjoys this pushchair.

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