Best Wooden Dollhouses For Kids In 2021

Best wooden dollhouse UK: A wooden doll’s house, also known as a doll’s house for kids or wooden light up doll’s house is a toy house. It comes with wooden dolls, furniture, and designs that mimic a real house design. The best wooden dollhouse has durable parts with nice decorations that both girls and boys will have fun playing with.

Top 3 Best Wooden Dollhouses

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What are the benefits of playing with wooden dollhouse?

There are many great advantages to getting a dollhouse for kids. Aside from it being educational, it can hugely help in your child’s development too. Here are the things your child can get from playing with the best wooden dollhouse:

Develops Social Skills

A wooden dollhouse encourages play with fellow kids because of its various spaces intended for sharing. This makes way for the kids to get used to socialisation and have exposure to the concept of sharing. A large dollhouse is also a great option for families with many kids to keep them occupied. Parents and other family members can play with their child so they can spend time together.

Enriches Vocabulary

As the kids are socialising while playing with a wooden dollhouse, they also get the chance to verbalise their ideas. This toy allows them to be able to learn new words that add to their vocabulary when having conversations with other kids or their parents.

Prepares for Life Skills

A wooden dollhouse is an educational toy that helps children practice the life skills that they see grown-ups do through pretend play. Having a dollhouse for kids prepares them to do house chores in your real home. They get to be familiar with the chores they have to do in each part of their house.

Enhances Creativity and Imagination

Pretend play is the main idea of having this kind of toy. Whether be it a large or a small wooden dollhouse, it involves a lot of imagination. This toy encourages your child to come up with the scenarios and dialogues of the dolls. It also helps them become creative in responding to their playmates’ actions. The best wooden dollhouse also has movable furniture and accessories. Kids would enjoy arranging it in different ways

Builds Organisation and Spatial Skills

A dollhouse for kids helps them to categorise, classify, and organise things according to the space they have. Setting up the furniture and deciding which ones go to which rooms help the children be familiar in the parts of the house. It also familiarises the kids on the functions of each room, while still having the awareness to leave enough space for the dolls to move around.

With all these things to consider before buying a wooden light up doll’s house for your child, it can become confusing which one to get. To make it easy for you, I have made a list of the best wooden dollhouse with their main features so you can choose wisely for your children.

Wooden Dollhouse Reviews

1. KidKraft 65054 Chelsea Cottage Wooden Dollhouse

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What we like

  • A 3-storey dollhouse with 5 rooms and a balcony on the side of the top floor.
  • The dollhouse has intricate designs that have MDF, wood, plastic, and fabric.
  • Compared to other wooden dollhouses, it has movable windows and visible stairs made of plastic.
  • The child can use her imagination and creativity in arranging the furniture as the kit has 16 pieces of furniture and home accessories.
  • The package has a step-by-step guide so it’s easy to assemble by the child.
  • Children of all ages can play with this wooden doll’s house.
  • The doll house structure is made from wood which can last for a long time.

What we didn’t like

  • 5-inch dolls only can fit in each storey and bigger dolls like Barbie won’t fit in.
  • Should be placed on a table or chair whenever playing since it is small.
  • It has no front cover.
  • Dolls are not included in the set.
  • The parts of the furniture are not connecting or sticking out well.
The Verdict: Best Table-top Wooden Doll’s House The KidKraft Chelsea Cottage Wooden Doll’s House the most suitable table-top doll house for your kids. This is the best option when you want your child to play with a doll’s house of their eye level. The set is not too heavy for them yet not too small and still have lots of furniture to assemble.

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2. KidKraft 65252 Majestic Mansion Wooden Dollhouse

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What we like

  • Has 4 storeys with 8 rooms, a separate welcoming room, and a gliding lift for the second and third storey.
  • The wall has a detailed design.
  • Tall enough for little children.
  • Has 34 furniture pieces with a step-by-step guide for easy assembly by children.
  • A 12-inch doll like a Barbie doll can fit in the dollhouse.
  • Aside from the usual rooms, the attic room is a nursery room.
  • The structure of the house is made from sturdy wood to make it last longer.
  • Ideal for a wide age range for ages 3-8 years old.
  • Has a wide space to be played by more than one child at the same time.

What we didn’t like

  • The set does not include dolls.
  • The gliding lift is the most difficult to assemble among its parts.
  • Has no front cover.
  • Because it is large, it may take time to fully furnish the dollhouse.
The Verdict: Best for Little Interior Designers The KidKraft Majestic Mansion Wooden Doll House is ideal for children who have an eye for aesthetics, organisation, and decorations. With 34 pieces of furniture to arrange, your kids will enjoy furnishing the house.

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3. KidKraft 65092 Kayla Wooden Doll House with Furniture

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What we like

  • 3-storey house with 4 rooms with a balcony on the 3rd storey
  • Has vibrant colours that children love to play with.
  • Has 10 furniture pieces for children to assemble.
  • Easy to assemble with a step-by-step instruction guide and parts are numbered too.
  • Has lots of details which make it more realistic.
  • 12-inch dolls like Barbie dolls can fit into it.
  • Ideal for playing by more than one children at the same time.

What we didn’t like

  • Sizes of furniture are not proportionate to each other making it difficult to look for a specific size of a doll to fit in the house.
  • Barbie dolls won’t fit in any of the furniture.
  • The railings do not fit well in its place.
The Verdict: Best for Children who Loves Details The KidKraft Kayla Wooden Doll’s House has lots of details in the wallpaper and furniture that captures the interests of the children. The wallpapers have specific designs that can help children to identify what room it is and where to put the furniture. The furniture has numbers too for easier assembly

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4. Leomark Children’s Kids Wooden Alpine Dollhouse

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What we like

  • A spacious 3-storey dollhouse with 5 rooms including the attic room.
  • The front of the house, window panels, and the roof can be opened.
  • The removable front attic roof can turn it into a garden space in front of the house.
  • It has LED lights with a remote control that can light up the house.
  • The set has 30 pieces of wooden furniture that are easy to assemble and 4 dolls.
  • Can be played by ages 3 and up.

What we didn’t like

  • The parts or the furniture might not stick out.
  • Small size is not suitable for Barbie dolls
  • Though window panels can be opened, the window itself can’t be.
The Verdict: Best Illuminated Dollhouse The Wooden Alpine dollhouse is the best wooden light up doll’s house because of its LED lights with remote control. It serves also as an added decoration during the Christmas season as it lights up just like the Christmas lights.

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5. Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Mini Wooden Dollhouse

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What we like

  • An easy-to-carry wooden dollhouse made from wood.
  • This may be small but this is sturdy.
  • The 11-piece furniture and 2-piece mini dolls are also made from wood.
  • Has a sturdy handle that enables children to carry them anywhere.
  • Windows are open and doors are movable.
  • Access the whole house easier by opening it.

What we didn’t like

  • Too little playing spaces, especially on the attic part.
  • Only a few dolls can be played inside at the same time.
  • The coloured parts are on the outside of the house and some parts of the furniture, the others are unpainted.
The Verdict: Best Doll House for Kids on-the-go The Melissa and Doug Fold & Go wooden Dollhouse is the best wooden doll’s house for travelling because of its portability. Its small size makes carrying it a breeze. It is also durable and won’t easily break during trips since the entire dolls house is made of wood, including all its furniture and mini dolls.

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6. Peppa Pig Multicoloured Wooden Playhouse

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What we like

  • It simulates the house of Peppa Pig with colourful designs.
  • Has 8 rooms with 3 storeys.
  • Feels realistic with appliances that glow and produce sounds (batteries are included).
  • Includes more than 20 pieces of furniture and Peppa Pig and George mini dolls.
  • There is a slot for a phone holder in the living room to serve as the wooden dollhouse’s TV flat screen.

What we didn’t like

  • Only Peppa Pig and George are included and the other characters are sold separately.
  • The screw holes are not properly aligned, making the house a bit wobbly.
  • No actual stairs but instead they are part of the wall design.
The Verdict: Perfect for Peppa Pig fans The Peppa Pig Wooden Playhouse is the most ideal for kids who love the show. Even boys who love the show can play with it, as the set comes with both Peppa and George. The colourful house reminds the players of the scenes, which they can recreate in this playhouse with its very similar furniture. Imagining the story and creating scenarios based on the show will be fun for the kids, especially with its lights and sound effects.

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7. Boppi Wooden Dolls’ House with Accessories

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What we like

  • A 3-storey wooden dollhouse with 5 rooms that is spacious and tall enough for children to play with.
  • Has 15 pieces of wooden furniture with cushion for the sofa and the bed, and a rolling mat for the swimming pool area.
  • Barbie dolls can fit in since each storey is high enough.
  • Can be played by more than one child at the same time.
  • There’s an instructional guide for easy assembly.

What we didn’t like

  • There is only one ladder, which is the ladder from the 2nd storey going to the 3rd.
  • Though a Barbie doll can fit in each room, she is not fitted in the chairs and bed.
  • The pool area is made from paper that can be easily torn.
  • No dolls included in the set.
The Verdict: Best Hi-Rise Wooden Dolls House on a Budget If you are looking for a tall wooden dollhouse that is wide enough for children to play but you are on a tight budget, then the Boppi Wooden Dolls House with 15 Furniture Play Accessories is perfect for you. It has the great features of a tall wooden dolls house for your child without breaking the bank.

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8. Le Toy Van – Palace House Large Wooden Doll House 

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What we like

  • 5-storey mansion-looking wooden  dollhouse.
  • Suitable for 3-10 years of age.
  • Door panes can be opened.
  • Can be shared by playmates and siblings because of its large size.
  • Neutral colour so it is not gender-specific.
  • Made from natural and non-toxic materials that are safe for kids to play with.
  • No wallpaper design to specify which room it is up to the child or children on how to furnish the house.

What we didn’t like

  • Expensive wooden dollhouse.
  • Some parts might be poorly hand-painted.
  • Heavy dollhouse, need assistance from adults to transfer it to different areas.
  • Big dolls like Barbie dolls won’t fit on each storey.
The Verdict: Best in Sustainability The Le Toy Van Palace Doll House is the most sustainable option because of the rubberwood material that was used in making the doll’s house are re-planted. It is also an eco-friendly option because the natural and non-toxic materials used are safe for children to play with.

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9. Melissa & Doug Hi-Rise Wooden Dollhouse

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What we like

  • Simple-looking wooden dollhouse that is medium-sized with a lift in the middle.
  • Can be played by 2 children at the same time due to its opened sides.
  • Easy to assemble because there are only 15 pieces of furniture and 3 mini dolls.
  • Unisex dolls house as the colours are for non-specific gender.
  • Children’s creativity works because it is up to the children on how to assemble the furniture since there is no wallpaper to indicate what room it is.

What we didn’t like

  • Looks like a building under construction because of few wall structures.
  • A bit fragile because the wood is a softer type.
  • The lift is not working properly as it should be.
The Verdict: Best Doll’s House for Toddlers The Melissa & Doug Hi-Rise Wooden Dollhouse and Furniture Set is the easiest for toddlers to design because its dolls and 15 pieces of furniture are large enough for the young kids from 3 years old and above to avoid choking. Its wide spaces are also suitable for kids who are still developing their fine motor skills.

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What are the factors to consider in choosing the wooden dollhouses?

Now that you are aware of the benefits of having a wooden doll’s house, you might be wondering what are the things you have to consider when buying one. Here are the things you have to take into consideration when buying a dollhouse for kids:

Durability and quality of the materials used

Any kind of toy for kids should be durable and sturdy. The wooden doll’s house for your child should be able to outlast all the playing, moving, and even throwing that your kids might do with the dolls and furniture of the house. Also, its parts should be not broken easily to avoid posing risk to choking. That is why a wooden dollhouse for kids made of wood is a better choice compared to plastics because it is known to last longer.

A high-quality wooden doll’s house is usually made of either a 9mm thick MDF board or birch plywood. Birch plywood has an excellent quality than the MDF board. However, MDF boards are generally cheaper and come with reasonable quality. Both can work fine, just choose the one that will fit your needs.

For instance, if you have children who are playing together, then opt for a large doll’s house made of birch plywood. The same goes if you would love it to be a family heirloom and have it passed to the next generations. But if you only have a small family with a limited budget, then the more practical choice will be one made from MDF board.

Size of the doll’s house and ages of children

Keep in mind that the ideal wooden dollhouse for kids you should get must be fit in your family’s lifestyle. Before buying, consider the size of your room or house. Check if you would still have enough space for you and your children to move around if you get a large doll’s house. Or if you will be choosing a small wooden doll’s house, check that its parts do not pose as a choking hazard to small children.

In picking the wooden doll’s house for your children, consider also their age. Older children will be able to maximise a small wooden dollhouse than a large one because of their keen attention to details. It can be further developed when they are playing with little accessories.

On the other hand, toddlers will benefit more from a large wooden dollhouse because it has wider spaces for their developing hands to move around. Also, their hands can grip the larger scaled furniture better than tiny ones. Yet, make sure that the parts of the wooden doll’s house are not too large so they can still enjoy playing.

Most wooden light up wooden dollhouses is manufactured with the developmental milestones according to the age of the child in mind. Look for a wooden doll’s house aligned with your child’s skills that you would like to develop. And if you are planning to have it shared with kids of different ages, look for one that has features that will be appropriate to a wide age range.

Theme and Design

Most of the time, a wooden doll’s house comes with a specific design or theme of its rooms, dolls, and decor. For instance, some are based on historical periods such as Victorian, Tudor, and Georgian, while others have a more traditional and rustic approach. It can also have bright-coloured accessories, and some are inspired by well-known characters that appeal to children. Most of them have intricate details that are great as a display on your home.

However, it all boils down to your desired purpose for it. The wooden doll’s house design and theme will be the one that captures your children’s interests. Think also of the existing dolls that your children have that they might want to use together with the wooden doll’s house.

And that’s our comprehensive guide in choosing the baby doll’s house. We hope that our suggested top 10 doll’s house was helpful for you in choosing which one will you get for your kid.

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