Installation Of Your Baby Monitor Made Easy

The decisions do not end when you buy the right model of video baby monitor for your child’s nursery. A major decision is to decide where to install it. It needs to be installed in a way that it offers a complete view of the room. After all, the baby will become a mobile toddler in no time.

The first tip is to try and mount the monitor on a wall. This is the safest position for the baby monitor and offers a bird’s eye view of the nursey.  You could also put it on a shelf so as to be able to move it from the room as and when required. Here are some tips on installing the baby monitor.

  • Fixing the baby monitor to the wall

The wall is the safest and the most ideal place to fix the monitor. It prevents the baby from banging against it or breaking it. It also offers a good view of the entire room and the baby bed or crib. Below are some ways to fix the monitor on to the wall:

Wall mount: Several video baby monitors come with the option to mount them onto the wall. It could be a built-in attachment or and additional in-box accessory. Some monitors also come with a wall mounting system that is safe and easy to use. These are meant to be mounted to the wall. Some other monitors come with very basic mounting options such as a hole at the bottom or double-sided tape.

Here is how to mount the baby monitor to the wall: Begin by finding the spot where you want to install the baby monitor. The choice of the spot will be based on the viewing angle and what offers a full view of the room. It is a good idea to cover maximum spaces of the room including the play space, windows and doors. This helps monitor the pets and how they are behaving with the baby. The mounting spot should also be close to a power outlet to be able to be plugged in. It is not a very good idea to use an extension cord for the monitor as your toddler will want to play with it and it can anytime cause a mishap. It is important to keep all wiring secured to walls. Loose wiring also poses a risk of strangulation. You may think that the baby is still too small to walk around and reach the wiring but you will soon be too comfortable and forget doing it.

You can secure the monitor wiring using a cord cover tube that is made of hard plastic. It attaches to the wall and covers the wire. The ideal would be to find a spot that minimizes wiring or to hide and secure the wiring behind the curtain or shelves. Before mounting the monitor, remember that once it is fixed, it will be difficult to take it off. It could possibly cause an issue when you want to make the baby sleep outside the room or when travelling or visiting friends.

If you are worried about this, you could look for alternative ways of installation.

  • Fixing the baby monitor on a shelf

A safe and convenient way to fix your monitor is to fix it on a shelf. The convenience comes from not having to fix it on the wall or furniture. It can be easily moved around across the room or taken to another room if the baby sleeps there. You could keep different camera angles at different times of the day. Do not install the camera on the sides of the crib as you always stand a risk that the camera may fall into the bed. You could either use an existing shelf or invest in a baby monitor shelf.

  • Fixing the baby monitor on your furniture:

Situations where you need to travel frequently or stay in a rental, call for mounting your monitor on furniture. Well, this probably is the last option if you do not have a shelf. The changing table or dresser can be the first choice to place your monitor as it is high and the baby cannot reach it so easily and also you can access a good view of the baby. If you use the changing table, be very careful that the baby doesn’t kick it off as it could be a hazard to both the baby and the monitor.

  • Mounting on the crib:

This is definitely the least safe way to mount your monitor but probably the most thought about. There are too many hazards associated with this kind of mounting including the possibility or your baby tugging on the wire and thus the monitor falling and hurting them or a strangulation hazard. The baby may start treating it as a toy and thus defeat the purpose of the monitor. This could also be damaging for the monitor. If it is almost necessary to mount on the crib, you must use a monitor clip to attach it to the crib and keep the wiring out.

Other hazards also exist. Like all other electronic media, monitors also emit some amount of radiation and it is thus not advisable for the baby to sleep next to the monitor. It could be hazardous to their little brain.

Types of baby monitor holders:

  • Baby monitor camera stand: A camera stand with secure the monitor in place and also set the camera to one position. The stand can be mounted on a shelf or a flat surface.
  • Tripod for baby monitors: Tripods can be used to bind a baby monitor to anything. The ones with flexible legs can be wrapped around things. You could even hook it on to the curtain bar.
  • Universal mount: The universal mounts work for all baby monitor models. The ones with flexible arms and clips are a godsend. They can attach the monitor to any surface you like and you can still keep changing the angle.

Ideal proximity of your baby monitor:

It is ideal that the baby monitor is atleast at a distance of 3 feet for where your baby will be. You must install the monitor far from the reach of your child and the wire carefully tucked. We cannot emphasize enough on the fact that it should not be installed on the crib or near your child’s head.

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