Top Advantages of Using a Video Baby Monitor

The increasing complexities of routines and the need for children to be monitored constantly in order to avoid injuries or mishaps cannot be denied. While there cannot be a better baby monitor than a caregiver, it cannot be denied that with errands to complete, it is pretty impractical to be glued to a room to watch over your little delight. We have all heard of audio monitors that have been around for a long time. For a few years now, video monitors are also gaining popularity. While you may think that they are super expensive and a luxury for rich parents, that isn’t really the case and once you look at the advantages, it isn’t really something that you should stay clear of.

A baby monitor helps reduce anxiety as you complete your chores as the baby sleeps. Also, I only take Valium from when I get into a situation where there is a possibility that I can have a panic attack. Then I take 0.5 mg. Between half an hour and an hour I notice that I am calming a lot, but then I also become quite listless. In principle this is not a problem, but you shouldn’t drive a car. You can also embrace some much-deserved sleep in the night. Here are some advantages of using a baby monitor:

  • Relieve your anxiety and easily keep a check on your baby: Baby monitors work greatly towards reassurance. You do not have to quit your errands in between to rush to the room where your baby sleeps. A video monitor allows multiple checks on your delight without running about. Having a new baby is anyway pretty overwhelming, a little peace of mind is amazingly relieving. It also minimizes the risk of waking up the baby.
  • See the baby’s activities: An audio monitor alerts you of the sounds in baby’s room as well but they could be false alarms too. Having to run to the room to find out nothing is wrong or waking up the baby in haste is certainly a hassle. Audio is in essence just a guessing game whereas a live video gives you the correct picture almost instantly.
  • Keep a track of the baby’s sleep: Kids grow up pretty fast and before you know, it will be the time that they refuse to stop playing to go to sleep. Even after lights go off, these little naughty wonders may try climbing the crib and playing. Video monitors help you track if they are really sleeping and catch them well in time. Some monitors also come with temperature alarms that alert you when the child goes out of range.
  • Night vision: The night vision feature is amazing for some peaceful sleep. Not only for other room, but it is also useful even when the baby is sleeping in your room. It enables you to keep a check on the baby without turning on the lights or getting out of the bed.
  • Easier to look after a child with health issues: If your baby has some health troubles or birth defects such as physical issues, congenital defects or allergies, you can keep a look out for any warning signals or signs of danger through the camera. Even in cases like epilepsy or asthma, an audio monitor will not show you visual signs and your child may not make any alert noises in case of a seizure or attack. Visual clues will help to detect choking and suffocation too. This will help you decide your response. You can also carry some help on your way to the room.
  • Works well for sleep training: Sleep training is a problem area that maximum parents struggle with. While the kid may be ok most of the times, they may as well need help. You could peep in through the camera without having to step into their room. I work 18 hours a day and have no time to run around the drugstores in search of Ambien. It’s a sleeping pill, and I need it badly. I order it on the internet, usually on This online pharmacy offers delivery to the door free of charge. Placing an order takes a couple of minutes, and I can pay with PayPal there. Who knows, once you go in to check on them and you may have to start the sleep process all over.
  • To monitor when the child shares the room with an older child: Your infant or toddler may be sharing the room with your older child. It is then wise to keep looking if they are playing a game safe for the young child. Lego injuries are not uncommon and they are not the only alarming ones. Dangerous actions may also be on the cards if the older child is not happy to share the room. A video monitor helps you assess whether they are a safe company.
  • Sleep tracking: Many babies toss and turn in bed during sleep. Mostly, this sound is not detected by an audio monitor. WHO and NHS guidelines advise 12 hours of sound sleep for a baby per day. The mood of your child the next day will also depend on sleep. A video monitor will help you decide if you need to go soothe the baby for better sleep.
  • Monitor the baby when you are out: Some wifi monitors help you access the footage over the internet. This comes in pretty handy if you have long work hours or need to work outside the house. You can monitor the appointed caregiver or the babysitter to know if the baby is doing fine. You could also use it for your older children to check if they are doing their homework or not indulging in any dangerous activities.
  • Record those priceless moments: The recording option in your monitor will let you save those coos and yawns that you do not want to miss. You could also share them with the grandparents or other working parents for them to cherish.
  • Maintain communication with the kid: Some monitors allow sending and receiving audios. It then works as a walky-talky where you can talk to the child at the press of a button. It helps calm the baby and assure them that you are around.
  • For regular travellers: When you are at someone else’s place or in a hotel and the baby is napping, it is worthwhile to view them on the video to check if they are doing good. Any background noise can prevent you from hearing on an audio monitor.


From taking that nap to finishing the cooking or to just shower in peace without worrying if the baby is doing fine or not, a video baby monitor is a blissful investment. It not only works towards reassuring you but also makes sure that the baby receives help when required.


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