Types of Baby Monitors Useful For Twins – Experts Advice

Baby shopping may seem pretty exciting at the onset but when you actually start shopping, it is a whirlwind. The sheer abundance of products out there makes every baby buying decision nothing short of overwhelming. This is further difficult if the product is expensive. You cannot afford to replace it and you also don’t want to be spending an arm and a leg for features that are just good to know about but do not really serve a purpose.

Same goes for video baby monitors. Most parents are overwhelmed with the variety and brands and features and what not. From the cheapest to the costliest, each product comes with huge promises on performance and quality but you do not want to take a chance with this one. It is one of the most expensive investments and the fact that it concerns the safety of your baby, it is all the more difficult to make a decision. And if you have twins, the trouble is double.

Here we make the decision a bit easier for you by letting you know of the different types of baby monitors available and their important features:

Audio monitor: One of the earliest monitors were audio monitors and they are still around. They help you hear the slightest movements of your baby or the happenings in the nursery. They are pretty similar to walky-talkies. Most of them come with a high-quality and sensitive microphone that doesn’t let you miss anything. These are a pretty good investment for your baby’s nursery if the nursery is near your room and you can rush immediately in case of alarming sound. The drawback, however, is that most audio monitors cause interference with other wireless devices. Feedback is a major issue that may disturb your baby if an interfering device or two audio monitors are being used in the same room. If you want to monitor your twins in separate rooms, audio monitors are ideal.

Audio monitor for two rooms

While Audio monitors are slowly receding from the shelves and the multi-child audio monitor version is now hard to find, some manufacturers still offer baby monitors for two rooms in case you have twins or 2 kids a little apart in age. These monitors work with a dedicated unit for each room and a single receiver for the parent. This eliminates the chance of interference and is probably the best way to stay connected with 2 bedrooms using audio monitors.

Video Monitors:

Based on feedback from several twin parents, we have concluded that video monitors are one of the best investments when it comes to monitoring two or more kids. They are particularly useful in helping you find out which baby is up or which one is up to mischief. A video monitor with a movement sensor is also a good investment to alert you when one of the babies is awake. This enables you to rush to the room before they wake up the second twin.

Video baby monitor with two child units

Many video baby monitors are designed with the capability to add extra cameras. This makes them a small surveillance system for the house. You could place each camera in a way that it monitors one child in order to monitor which child is asleep and which one is not. This works in situations when baby cries are subtle and you cannot find out which baby is crying. Adding 2 cameras adds to the precision of monitoring. There are also dual camera monitors.

Smart Baby monitors:

With advancements in technology and the advent of everything smart, baby monitor cameras are not far behind. Smart baby monitors are a newer generation that offers amazing features. While some features may just be over the top, some are pretty handy, especially with twins. These are particularly useful in case of premature twins or those with issues pertaining to their health. These ensure amazing peace of mind with their wide scope of benefits.

Most of us are super worried when a new baby comes home. Many of us also keep checking on the babies to see if they are alive. Anxieties of new parents are relieved greatly by smart baby monitors that offer capabilities such as breathing monitoring, the temperature of the room etc.
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Smart monitor with breathing sensor:

Accept it or not, we have all gone and checked if the little new someone is breathing. This sensor in a baby monitor is pretty useful as it monitors the breathing patterns of your twins and senses if they are regular or not. It also issues an alert if something is amiss. This really works well for monitoring twins as it is a lot of work to keep monitoring both by yourself periodically.

One must however not treat these as medical devices to rely on completely. Treat them just as safety additions that send out warnings and still be alert at all times.

Smart monitor with Heart monitoring

The heartbeat sensor in some smart baby monitors is also a good to have feature. It works exactly like a breathing monitor and alerts you incase something is amiss. These features are pretty handy when you want to take a peaceful nap as let us accept it, we cannot be awake 24*7. They work a great deal towards helping you keep the baby safe but are not medical aids and do not prevent SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

Smart monitor with Room temperature monitoring

Bodies of little babies cannot regulate temperature; it is thus important that the room temperature is controlled. The room temperature sensor in smart monitors helps issue an alert when the temperature of the room goes outside a certain safe range.

It ensures that your baby gets the safest sleep possible.

While these monitors work well whether there is one baby or twins, they are particularly useful for monitoring twins as you already have your hands full with a lot of work. They relieve you from having to check the children over and over again.


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