Best Food Tips for Pregnant & Nursing Mums

Stay Hydrated:

Always carry a bottle of water, fruit and herb flavoured water, decaffeinated tea, or coconut water. If you’re a juice drinker, begin pouring yourself glasses that are half water – half juice to help reduce your sugar intake while increasing hydration.

Make meals that begin with as many foods in their natural state as possible. Buying plain frozen veggies and fruits are an excellent health-conscious option especially in the winter months or when getting to the store on a weekly basis seems impossible.

Choose Better Ingredients:

Choose dark leafy greens (over lighter leaf lettuce); whole/pseudo grains (over white rice),; fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy oils like avocado, olive and coconut.

Always Carry a Snack:

Small healthy snacks throughout the day keep your energy levels up and your metabolism moving. Carry healthy snacks with you so you are never without. Try dried fruits, seeds, nuts, Go Chews and all-natural granola.

Try Spice Before Salt:

Incorporate fresh herbs, spices and citrus – like lemon, orange & lime juice or zest – to infuse life into dishes before adding more salt.

Keep it Sweet, Naturally:

Sweeten dishes with all natural sugars including dates, molasses, honey or maple syrup.

Know What You’re Buying:

Always – I repeat – Always, read the ingredient list when buying prepared foods. If you don’t know an ingredient or can’t pronounce it, don’t buy it.

Eat Seasonal – Buy Local:

Seasonal produce is less expensive, tastes better and tends to be more nutritious. Getting produce, proteins and dairy from your local farmer means that you are also supporting the local economy. Read some great tips for buying at your local farmer’s market.

Plan Ahead:

Time is the number one reason many of us don’t eat healthy. Give yourself an advantage by preparing grains, vinaigrettes and proteins at the beginning of each week to make mealtimes quick and healthy. If you are making a meal, cook multiple portions and freeze extra for easy meals down the road. If your fresh fruit is starting to turn, freeze it for smoothies. If your veggies are about to go bad, sauté them with garlic and olive oil and freeze them for a quick side anytime.

Get Back to the Basics:

We began growing food without chemical pesticides or genetic modifications and it’s how we should be eating today. Making this choice can be financially challenging but it is better for our health, the health of farm animals and our environment. Whenever possible buy organic produce, wild caught fish and grass-feed beef and dairy.

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I’m Mackenzie and a proud mum of 2 (Alice & Callum). While doing research into how I could handle becoming a first time mum and juggle my studies, I found there wasn’t a lot of help out there for ‘student mums’. So I thought I’d create a blog to help those who might be struggling to get the support and help they need, while writing about life as an expecting mum, a student mum and life after! You can read more about me here