5 Baby Essentials to Make Every New Parent’s Life Easier

For new parents, the trip to the department store’s baby section can be both exciting and overwhelming. From reusable nappies to smart baby monitors, there’s a wide array of choices to make parenthood easier. In fact, there are so many items to choose from that the baby products market is expected to reach around €100 billion by 2025, according to The Irish Times. However, shopping for baby essentials can get confusing and overwhelming. So if you don’t know where to start, we’re here to help you out with these recommendations:

Portable breast pump

According to the National Health Service, breastfeeding protects your child from infections and diseases while also helping to form a strong emotional bond. But work and errands can keep you away from your baby — sometimes for hours on end. What you could do is purchase an electric breast pump so you can store some breast milk in advance. For busy mums who are always on the go, the Elvie wearable breast pump is a great option. It’s comfortable to wear, creates no noise, and is usable hands-free. That way, you can focus on other tasks like cleaning or accomplishing paperwork. One downside is its relatively slow pumping speed. But if you want portability and comfort, this breast pump is sure to get the job done.

Baby monitor

Your baby’s nap time is a good opportunity to get some chores done or simply rest. But for new parents, the thought of leaving your child alone in another room can be terrifying. To gain some peace of mind, a baby monitor can serve as your extra eyes and ears.

Modern baby monitors are packed with extra features to ensure your little one’s safety. For instance, the Tenboo baby monitor has a 3.2″ LCD screen to let you monitor your child in high-quality definition. Aside from a two-way communication system that allows you to soothe your child from afar, it also comes with built-in lullabies to put them to sleep.


Having a comfortable pushchair is imperative when taking your child for a walk outside. However, it’s a big investment, so be sure to choose one that will serve you well in the long run. As seen in iCandy’s selection of double pushchairs, many pushchairs nowadays combine chic design with good functionality. Aside from added protection thanks to their breathable, SPF50+ mesh canopy, these pushchairs can even switch between parent-facing and world-facing modes. This is ideal if you want to keep an eye on your baby wherever you go. Additionally, they’re perfect if you plan on having more children in the future, since you can convert them from a single to a double configuration — no additional expenses needed.

Burp cloths

Taking care of a baby entails being prepared for messes. This is why it’s essential to have burp cloths handy at all times. Burt’s Bees burp cloths are great for cleaning up your baby’s drool after feeding. They’re made of 100% organic cotton, so they’re really soft and can easily be cleaned in the washing machine. At 16×12 inches, they’re also on the larger side — giving you plenty of coverage to avoid messes.

Swaddle bag

Swaddling is thought to comfort babies by mimicking conditions in the womb, and lightweight and breathable materials like cotton are recommended for swaddling. SwaddleMe‘s original swaddle bag is useful if you don’t want to bother with a blanket. It ensures a peaceful night’s sleep, using Velcro to keep your baby from accidentally breaking free because of their startle reflex. It’s also made of 100% breathable cotton to prevent overheating.

It’s no secret that parenthood is tough, but you can make your life easier by having the right essentials.


I’m Mackenzie and a proud mum of 2 (Alice & Callum). While doing research into how I could handle becoming a first time mum and juggle my studies, I found there wasn’t a lot of help out there for ‘student mums’. So I thought I’d create a blog to help those who might be struggling to get the support and help they need, while writing about life as an expecting mum, a student mum and life after! You can read more about me here