Best Group 2/3 Car Seats in the UK – 2021 Reviews

Best Group 2/3 Car Seats: The importance of a car seat cannot be denied. There is a reason why car seats are a mandate in many countries. The functionality of car seats in saving the lives of children is phenomenal. The ever-increasing number of cars on the roads and increased power in the engine has lately contributed to several road mishaps. It is also a fact that lives are getting more dynamic each day and that requires babies and children to be on the road.

This requires better security measures to keep the children safe. While market shelves overflow with numerous options, it is often difficult to decide which one to buy. The confusion comes in especially when the baby is 2-3 years of age and has outgrown the newborn car seat. This article focuses on helping you find the best Group 2/3 car seat.

Top 3  – Best Group 2/3 Car Seats

Why is the best group 2/3 car seat required?

We often wonder that a 2-3-year-old has the good body control and can seat, then why not a normal seat belt and why a car seat. This is because a well-fitted car seat takes the risk of an injury down by nearly 67% in case of an accident. Also, a 2-3-year-old doesn’t have adequate strength to sustain sudden jerks. Their body isn’t as strong as the adult body and thus, adult seat belts are not ideal.

Here are some reasons why the best group 2/3 car seat is an absolute must for your toddler:

  • A high-speed crash can be life-threatening because the body and brain of toddlers are still developing
  • Kids car seats prevent their light and delicate bodies from flying across and banging when there are bumps or brakes are suddenly applied
  • A child is not firm on a seat. Nor does it concentrate on holding well. This puts them at risk of falling off in case of jerks

A child car seat is a perfect way to keep the little body well secured and prevent injury by banging against car doors or windshields. They also offer cushioning in case of bumps and hence prevent fatigue. We as parents always strive to do the best for our children and thus a car seat is quintessential.

Group 2/3 Car Seat Reviews

1. Bebe Style Convertible Group 1 2 3 Car Seat

Bebe-Style-Convertible-Group-1-2-3-Car-SeatProduct Features:

  • This is one of those car seats that are not only the best group 2/3 car seat but covers a wide spectrum of age groups
  • It can be your toddler’s companion from 9months to 12 years and supports kids of weight 9-36 kg
  • It comes with very thick padding to offer the perfect cushioning to the child
  • It is a kids car seat that can also convert to a booster seat
  • The height of the headrest and shoulder straps can be altered to meet the needs of the growing child
  • It is equipped with energy-absorbing foam that protects the child perfectly in case of bumps and jerks
  • It offers special protection on the sides to reduce the impact
  • It has been tested based on European safety standards and is certified for safety
  • It includes a 5-point safety harness that can be adjusted with a single pull
  • Thick padding can be removed to accommodate bigger babies
  • Superior, breathable fabric incorporates airflow technology to ensure the child is warm in winter and cool in summer
  • It comes with a washable cover
  • 3 point seat belt installation adds to the safety of this child car
  • It comes with armrests that are quite useful for older babies
What We ❤️
  • Head support is very good for all age groups
  • Very affordable and value for money
  • It is quite lightweight and thus ideal for traveling
What We 💔
  • Not very good for very young babies as it is front-facing
  • Difficult to install
  • It is sometimes difficult to tighten the shoulder straps
The Verdict: This is an amazing buy at a very low price tag and can easily give the expensive ones good competition. It is also a good idea to use it as a spare seat of you travel a lot. The extra padding is very comfortable. 

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2. CYBEX Silver Solution M-Fix SL Child’s Car Seat

CYBEX-Silver-Solution-M-Fix-SL-Child's-Car-SeatProduct Features:

  • This seat is suitable for car models with or without ISOFIX
  • It promises long term use as it can be used from 2/3 years – 12 years of age
  • It is built with side impact protection and comes with an energy-absorbing shell to ensure utmost safety for the child
  • It is easy to install with the seatbelt as well as ISOFIX
  • It comes with a machine-washable removable cover
  • It also comes with ISOFIX installation aids
  • Made with 100% polyester, it is easy to clean and maintain
What We ❤️
  • Easy to install
  • It is not difficult to move from one car to another
  • Headrest is easily adjustable
  • ISOFIX installation is very stable
  • Good looking and sturdy
  • Toddlers are attracted to it due to bright and attractive colors
  • Offers good head security if the child falls asleep
What We 💔
  • Tether attachment is not included
  • Plastic seems a bit low quality
  • Padding in arms and back flaps is less
  • Slightly wider than many other seats in the market
The Verdict: It is a very sturdy car seat that is even sturdier when installed using ISOFIX. It comes with clear instructions and can be installed quite easily. In all, an awesome buy and one among the best group 2/3 car seats.  

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3. Britax Römer KIDFIX SL Group 2-3 (15-36kg) Car Seat

Britax-Römer-KIDFIX-SL-Group-Car-SeatProduct Features:

  • This kids car seat comes with a soft latch ISOFIT system that facilitates direct and easy connection to the car’s ISOFIX system
  • With deep and softly padded side wings, it offers the perfect protection on the sides
  • It is completely adjustable including the height of the headrest and the upper belt
  • It has a unique V-shaped backrest that appropriately suits the shape of a child of growing age
  • It supports children of the 2-3 age group perfectly
  • Weight consideration: 15-36 kg
What We ❤️
  • Very lightweight and thus can be moved easily from one car to another
  • Perfect hard plastic for sturdiness
  • Padding is very comfortable
  • Can be installed with or without ISOFIX
  • ISOFIX is easier using the flexible strap that it comes with rather than stiff rods in the other models
  • Neck support is adequate for a sleeping child
What We 💔
  • It may not fit in some cars due to the width of the base
The Verdict: It is a very dependable car seat coming from a top car seat brand. The flexible straps of the ISOFIX are a lot easier to install as compared to the hard rods in other models.  

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4. Britax Römer car seat 9-36 kg, EVOLVA 123 group 1/2/3

Britax-Römer-car-seat-9-36Product Features:

  • A very versatile kids car seat that supports children from 9 months to 12 years
  • Weight considerations: 9kg-36kg
  • It comes with a 5-point safety harness
  • It is covered with high-quality breathable fabric
  • It is a non SICT seat
  • The car seat has been designed to grow with the child
  • It comes with chest pads and highback booster protection
What We ❤️
  • Good customer service by the brand
  • Sturdy car seat with good quality material used
  • Very versatile in terms of size and weight
  • The user manual is very informative
  • Enough space for the child to not feel suffocated yet secure
  • The cup/snack holders are very helpful on the go
  • Easy and secure strap adjustment
What We 💔
  • Head cushioning doesn’t seem enough as the child falls asleep
  • Semi-universal seat that doesn’t fit all car models
  • The installation is tricky
  • Slightly difficult to adjust the headrest
  • Difficult to release the central tightening belt
The Verdict: It is a good seat if you plan to use it in one car and not change too much as installation is a bit tricky. Nevertheless, it is quite comfortable and secure  

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5. CYBEX Silver Solution X-Fix Child’s Car Seat

CYBEX-Silver-Solution-X-Fix-Child's-Car-SeatProduct Features:

  • High-quality seat that can be used for long-term
  • It is perfect for group 2-3 and goes up to 12 years of age
  • It is very sturdily built, thus very secure
  • It can be installed in cars with or without ISOFIX
  • It comes with side impact protection
  • The reclining headrest can be adjusted 3 way and ensures maximum safety
  • It is completely adjustable with both backrest and seat cushion
  • It can be easily installed in all cars either with seat belt or ISOFIX
  • The fabric cover can be removed and tossed into the machine for quick and easy cleaning
  • You can also opt for other optional accessories like the summer cover
  • The package includes ISOFIX installation aids
What We ❤️
  • Perfect size for any car
  • Easy installation
  • It is very sturdy and secure
  • It can easily be moved from one car to another
  • There is sufficient padding to keep the child comfortable
  • Reclining headrest is a very useful feature that keeps the child comfortable
What We 💔
  • Not easy for toddlers to go in and out by themselves
  • Doesn’t prevent neck bobbing due to sleeping
The Verdict: High-quality seat that comes with a reclining headrest and can be easily installed. A good choice if you are looking for the best group 2-3 car seat  

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6. Graco Junior Maxi Lightweight Highback Booster Car Seat

Graco-Junior-Maxi-Lightweight-Highback-Booster-Car-SeatProduct Features:

  • It is a very versatile seat that covers kids from 2-3 to 12 years of age
  • It supports weight considerations of 15-36 kg
  • It comes with an adjustable headrest that can be conveniently adjusted with one hand
  • The height of the armrests can be adjusted for comfort
  • It offers coverage to the entire back of your growing toddler and ensures a supportive ride
  • It comes with 2 cup holders that are ideal for beverages on the go
  • It is a good size at 41cm*41cm*68cm and can fit big and small cars alike
What We ❤️
  • A lot of padding for extra comfort to the child
  • Very easy to install and switch between cars
  • It can be dismantled into two pieces and folded flat to fit in the boot of the car
  • Cup holders are very useful and easily accessible
  • The headrest is very easily adjustable and seatbelt is at the right height
  • The fabric cover can be easily removed and washed in the machine
  • Feels very solid and is still very compact
What We 💔
  • Doesn’t come with enough side impact protection
  • No back or headrest recline
The Verdict: This is a lightweight seat ideal for travels and to be used as a spare seat. However, some users find it flimsy and slightly unsafe due to the absence of ISOFIX.  

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7. Bebe Style Convertible 1 2 3 Combination Car Seat

Bebe-Style-Convertible-1-2-3-Combination-Car-SeatProduct Features:

  • This is the perfect transition from infant car seat to a toddler car seat and will likely not need to be replaced until your child is ready to sit independently in the car
  • It has a wide weight range from 9-36kg
  • It supports kids from 9 months to 12 years old
  • You can convert it to a booster seat when the child is older
  • It comes with super thick padding for superior comfort
  • It is equipped with EPP energy-absorbing foam to keep the child comfortable and safe
  • It offers superior side impact protection
  • The height-adjustable headrest and adjustable shoulder straps are ideal to last the child
    through growth stages
  • It is tested and adheres to the latest European safety standards ECE R44/04
  • Younger children can be made comfortable using body support cushions that come with the seat
  • It is equipped with 5-point safety harness that can be adjusted with a single pull
  • The removable thick padding ensures that the seat is ideal for children of all suitable age groups
  • The airflow technology of the fabric keeps the child warm in winter and cool in summer
What We ❤️
  • Very lightweight and easy to travel
  • It holds kids tight and well
  • Very easy to install and fits all cars
  • It looks very well made and sturdy
  • The color is very good and padded cushioning quite comfortable
What We 💔
  • Straps are not easy to adjust
  • A little too upright
The Verdict: It is the perfect car seat that fits all cars and is ergonomically designed to keep children comfortable

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8. Ickle Bubba Solar ISOFIX Car Seat

Ickle-Bubba-Solar-ISOFIX-Car-SeatProduct Features:

  • This is a very sturdy model made of superior quality materials
  • It comes with 3 position recline that ensures comfort for the child throughout the journey. The positions include upright, mid and full recline
  • The magnetic buckles included hold the safety straps in place and facilitate the child to easily go in and out of the seat
  • Additionally, it also includes 5-point harness that has shoulder, lap and crotch straps
  • It includes cushion technology to reduce side impact in case of collision
  • It includes ISOFIX and Top tether to install the seat easily in the car and also to ensure it is strapped incorrectly
  • It can also be installed in cars without ISOFIX using seat belt
  • It covers a wide range of ages from 9 months to 12 years
  • The fabric has a luxurious feel and prevents the child’s body from overheating while in the car
  • The headrest cushion, buckle pad, and seat cushion are reversible
What We ❤️
  • Very high quality, breathable fabric
  • The seat is non-sticky and the dust is not easily visible
  • Side padding looks really secure and of superior quality
  • The bottom lever is all you need to recline into 3 positions
  • Magnetic strap holders are very convenient
  • Easy to install and move between cars
What We 💔
  • It is difficult to adjust the shoulder straps
The Verdict: This car seat offers very good value for money with superior safety features and also comfortable padding

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What to look for on your hunt for the best group 2/3 car seat?

5-point harness: A 5-point harness is a very important component that ensures the safety of your toddler in a kids’ car seat. It is a safety belt that secures the baby by clipping across the chest, over the thighs and between the legs. It helps keep the child secure and restrains in the case of an accident. Although not a must, but a padded tray in front of the belly is also a good idea as it offers added security in case of an accident and can help keep toys during the travel.

Tether attachment: A tether attachment is an extra strap for safety as it clips from the top of the car seat to a clip anchor in the car. All new cars and vehicles come with a tether anchor. If you already have a car seat without a tether attachment, you can also buy a tether kit.

Sufficient padding in the car seat: Most children resist car seats at first. Soft cushioning around their head, neck, and back will ensure a smooth riding experience and also minimize movement within the seat.

Machine-washable seat cover: It is a no-brainer that toddlers are messy and will eat and likely puke more than once on the car seat. It can be an expensive affair to frequently get your car seat professionally cleaned. It can also deteriorate the cushions. A machine-washable seat cover is the best way to keep muck at bay and maintain the hygiene of the child car seat.

Compatibility with your car: It is always wise to check well in advance if the car seat you are ordering is compatible with your car. Some old cars do not support newer car seat models.

Final Words:

The ultimate choice of car seat depends on several factors including your car, how frequently you go out and how do you plan to use it. There isn’t a one size fits all approach. However, if you are looking for the best group 2-3 car seat that is sturdy, can be easily installed and will keep your child safe and comfortable we vote for Britax Römer KIDFIX SL Group 2-3 (15-36kg) Car Seat – Cosmos Black. While the others are equally efficient, this one is highly rated and recommended by users.

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