Best Baby Walkers To Buy In UK – 2021 Reviews

Best Baby Walkers 2020 UK: Babies are dearest to their parents. They demand special attention and care. The most crucial part of growing up a baby is teaching them to walk without getting injured or hurt. However, it is impossible for the parents to assist them every time, so to support your babies while taking their first steps you can gift them a baby walker. A baby walker is a revolutionary device used by infants who are unable to walk. With the help of this product all, the tiny tots can move from one place to another. In short, you can work without hampering the growth of your child.

All the basic best baby walkers are built with metal or plastic and a cushioned seat attached with two leg holes. As technology is advancing, so is every product available in the market. Now you can see a variety of modern baby walkers with attractive features and designs.

Top 3 Best Baby Walkers

Baby Walker Reviews

1.Vtech First Steps Baby Walker

This amazing and colourful baby walker is specially designed to nurture your baby while they are learning to take their first steps. Moreover, you can also find some cool detachable learning tool with attractive lights and numerous sound effects. The handles of this device are built to make your baby feel comfortable and confident to walk by themselves. It is easy to grip handle, durability and textured wheels are some brilliant features to support your little ones on taking their precious steps.

So, overall you get a wheelie, which is worth your every penny and will support your baby till they master to walk independently. Your little munchkin will not get tired of pushing it around every corner of the house and will not stop pressing the buttons to keep them engaged.

What We ❤️
  • Attractive ergonomics Impressive use of different colors Great sound effects Easy gripping
What We 💔
  • Plastic body Loses balance
Bottom Line: With some exciting activities, mesmerizing music and it introduces your child to new shapes, alphabets, and numbers. Due to its easy assembling, it can be stored anywhere.
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2. Fisher Price Baby walker DLF00

Teaching your child the first step is the most important aspect of parenting. With Me Zebra, baby walker your child will not only learn to hold and scoot but will also learn to spin, flopping, twisting and rolling. It is an easy hand on activities device for your sitting babies. Your baby can learn alphabets, numbers, and sounds by simply touching the buttons. With these motor skills, you can teach the basics to your child in the comfort of your home. Also, by touching the buttons and getting the respective results, will make the child learn the cause and effect movement.

When your baby learns to walk, hey can learn easy gripping, standing and with four wheels you can help the tiny tots to learn their first steps. Moreover, there are some inspirational and motivational phrases to help the child go steadier on their feet quickly.

What We ❤️
  • 7 hands-on activities like flipping, rolling, twisting, spinning and much more Light-activated buttons Sing along songs and phrases easy grip handle 4 wheels to balance Lightweight, easy to port
What We 💔
  • No detachable option for toys
Bottom Line: This hand on the device is a great friend for your tiny tots to lean on. By encouraging first steps of your baby, it keeps the babies busy with fun and frolic activities. Thus, it is a great healthy and a developmental workout for all the tiny tots.

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3. Vtech First Step Baby Walker Pink

This amazing baby walker has the feature of detaching the activity panel designed, especially for the use of 6 months old. This innovative designing helps the child to use this detachable panel and learn new skills even when they are not scooting with a walker. Moreover, with its interactive features, the child will be occupied for several hours. This activity panel includes alphabets, numbers, shapes and several musical keys to help your tiny tots introduce to new lessons.

An entire farmyard with a swinging door and rollers helps to develop certain manipulative skills to your baby. The walker is occupied with an easy assembling design that can be stored in your smaller spaces. The first steps by V Tech are specifically designed for the little ones to feel confident stand on their feet.

What We ❤️
  • Detachable learning center Helps in enhancing motor skills and hand-eye coordination Develops manipulative skills Easy to store in smaller places
What We 💔
  • Loose wheels that roll easily and can cause injuries to the babies
Bottom Line: This fun walker with lots of attached activities can prove to be a pleasurable device for your baby.
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4. My Child Coupe 2-in-1 Baby Car Walker

Helping your baby to walk is no more a difficult process, as My Child’s 2-in-1 car walker is there to assist your tiny munchkin in taking the first steps carefully. Its car shape and bright color come with a detachable electronic activity tray. This tray is equipped with safe toys to engage the child while they are learning to walk by themselves. You can even convert this walker into a rocker when your child is in no mood of walking but only playing with this electronic tray set. There are also rear views attached to the tray, which can make the child learn about the different views. The fun-filled toys are there to teach the child the necessary motor skills.
What We ❤️
  • Detachable electronic tray Supportive footpad for the rocking mode Fully tested in terms of safety Full spinning tires for swift movement
What We 💔
  • Back wheels are fixed which stops the movement on a wooden floor The improper functioning of rocker mode The seat does not fasten properly and quickly
Bottom Line: Although this baby walker has some disadvantages but your child will surely love its car shaped designing and entertaining tray. Moreover, the fixed tires at the back are useful as they avoid any falling backward like in other walkers.
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5. Fisher Price Princess Baby Walker

When your little princess is ready to take her first precious steps, this Fisher Price princess stroller cum walker gives her all the support she needs. It works as two devices for your child. One, as a stroller so that you can take her along to places and second, as a walker, which she can use herself to go places. Its sturdy manufacturing provides the entire steadiness she needs in her initial walking days. To keep the baby engage it has a music light, which is activated when your baby will start pushing it. There is a cute little princess doll and a hook to carry the belongings of your tote. Fisher Price has rewarded the cute girlies by incorporating fun songs and sounds on the press of a button. This helps in teaching the baby about the cause and effect action. To develop motor skills, hands-on activities include flipbook and beads.
What We ❤️
  • Lightweight Convenient to port Made with strong material Avoids tripping and falling with sturdy grips Reasonably priced and worth your every penny
What We 💔
  • It has no disadvantages
Bottom Line: This lovely and girly stroller cum walker is built especially for girl child who can go anywhere. Its sturdy built allows easy scooting and songs are added to keep her engage all the day.
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6. Vtech First Steps Baby Walker

This is another great variant of V tech First steps. It is a 2-in1 walker and activity center, which allows your child to grow with fun. Those precious first steps are safe with this device as it is made with textured wheels to provide firmness, sturdy designing to maintain balance and comfortable gripping that allows your baby to move easily to places. Its fun and educating panel is filled with colourful lights, animal identification, numbers, alphabets, shape sorters and role-play phone. All this helps the child to learn while playing. Through lots of exciting and fun-filled activities, you can actually make your child learn many things at an early age. Overall, this adorable stroller cum walker nurtures the child fully from an early stage.
What We ❤️
  • Develops motor skills Develops cause and effect skills Convenient Easy portability
What We 💔
  • Slips on the wooden floor easily
Bottom Line: With help of this amazing walker, one can teach their children numerous things and can be ensured of their precious steps.
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7. Labebe 2-in-1 Baby Walker

Investing in this eye-catching and different style of the baby walker can prove to be your best present for your tiny tots. It is specially designed for the children from 1-3 years, which acts as a wagon pusher than only a simple baby walker. It is a great craft from durable wood, which will survive for years. This cart is equipped with non-slippery wheels to avoid any sudden slippage.

Moreover, this elegant wagon cart features an attractive orange coloured owl. A 2-in-1 walker allows your tiny tots to stand, sit, play and walk along with their favourite storage stuff. If your baby has just started to take his or her little steps then encourage them to walk more with this pushing wagon. When they are ready to walk, they can push this carriage alone with their favourite stuff.

This pushing cart has a broad base that helps in balancing the baby, thus it enriches the babies with more confidence to walk independently. Labebe has used high-quality wood and paints for the walkers as per strict toy safety standards. Moreover, you need not worry about sudden fall due to any blockage of the wheels, since its wheels are manufactured to manoeuvre by baby even on carpets.

What We ❤️
  • Hassle-free assemble Sturdy and durable built Enhances balance Offers good weight control
What We 💔
  • Cannot be fold Difficult to port
Bottom Line: Since this walker is bit heavyweight but it ensures that the child does not trip or fall backward in the case of lightweight walkers.
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8. Fascol Eight Wheels Baby Walker

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Fascol is one of the leading brands in terms of baby walkers. When it comes to safety and classy designing, Fascol leads the other brands. They have known to promote health, safety, innovative designing, and an energetic lifestyle. With Fascol your child will be happy and feel safe. The baby seat of this product is manufactured with high-end quality and eco-friendly PU cloth to make it breathable and comfortable for the baby. This 8 wheelie product grows with your baby. You can adjust the height as your child grows. The wheels are ultra-smooth and made with great swivel technology that allows a smooth movement of your baby without leaving any scratches on the floor. Also, the parents can take a sigh of relief as its eight wheels maintain the equilibrium of the baby in the centre and avoid any sort of flipping.
The most interesting part is that it can be folded and carried anywhere with you. These on the go wheels are lightweight and are ready to scoot your child to different places.
What We ❤️
  • Easy to port Convenient to store anywhere Attractive designing Durable built Exceptional VOX mode Eight swivel wheels to maintain balance
What We 💔
  • Does not include entertaining games
Bottom Line: Although, this walker does not have any entertaining games its sturdy built and comfortable sitting suffices its disadvantage of not occupying fun games.
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Why does someone need baby walkers?

Some parents tend to spend a lot on their kids but some think twice maybe due to budget constraints. The same thing happens in the case of baby walkers also. Some parents buy fancy walkers for their tiny tots just for their entertainment but some parents might not go for it because of its constraint usage, which is even justified to some extent.

However, to mention in simple words, the only main purpose served by the best baby walker is to increase the mobility of an infant by scooting him or her to various places on their own. Nevertheless, this wheelie device has allowed and helps in making the child to push it to be able to walk and to learn maintenance of their body balance. These two bonanzas can actually help in the growth of your little one. Although some risk is associated with it must be operated under the guidance of the parents to avoid any serious injury.

Characteristics to look before buying a baby walker

Before purchasing walker assistance for your baby, you must consider the following factors to make a good choice with no future regrets.

  1. Safety: This is the primary and the most important factor to consider. It is advisable not to buy a baby walker with wheels if your baby is too young. This can help in assisting your child to hold things and walk. Once your baby becomes capable of walking, always choose a broadly based walker. This helps in protecting your little one from getting hurt by the corner of your furniture. Moreover, some baby walkers are built with a mechanism that prevents babies from falling down from the staircase.
  1. Adjustments: As we all know, babies grow very quickly. Therefore, selecting a baby walker with adjustable height is important otherwise you would have to buy a new one according to the height of your child, which ultimately leads in wastage of your money.
  1. Comfort level: This point should not be ignored. Babies comfort is the utmost priority of every parent. Thus, choose a baby walker, which has a padded seating that can hold your baby for a long duration without causing the irritation.
  1. Quality: Built quality of the best baby walkers are another important aspect. Make sure that it is made from a strong and durable material. A cheaply built walker would not help your baby to maintain his balance and as your baby gets healthy, he or she might fall with the walker as these cheap materials cannot bear weight and tend to bend one side.
  1. Portability: Since you would be needing to carry the walker along with you. So make sure it has a folding option to make your work easier.
  1. Functions: Several functions are nowadays incorporated in the baby walkers. Light in weight, easy to port and great comfort are some important aspects you must check before making your purchase. In the end, it is the parents’ choice to select an appropriate walker for their tiny-miny. Make sure all the above points are meeting and if it has some add-on features then it is a must buy for your babies.
  1. Extra stimulations: These days walkers are available with a tray or some toy attachments. It allows your baby to play while learning. Ake a close examination whether they are well-fitted and there is no way that your baby can put them in the mouth as it can lead to choking. Also, make sure that there are no pointed edges protruding out from the baby walker.
  1. Reviews: Reading reviews before buying an ideal baby walker helps in making a good choice. You can perform this reviewing exercise on retail websites. If you do not have any internet access, you can also look out in magazines for reviews and ratings.

Final Words:

Choosing a suitable baby walker for the baby is a difficult task but to make it simple and short, always depend upon the pros and cons of the baby walkers you are choosing to buy from, as this helps in making the right choice for your little one. We would highly recommend you to choose from the above tailor-made list, as it is equipped with some baby walkers of top brands to meet your needs in the right way.

Happy shopping!

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